Friday, July 23, 2010

The "oh-so" Dreaded Introduction...

OK, here goes nothing!

Let me start off by thanking anyone who has taken the time to read this. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am in NO WAY a writer. So, if you are expecting perfect spelling and grammer - you are definitely reading the wrong blog. What you can expect is honesty. I will learn as I go.
I will write what I feel and what I experience. (funny or not) (happy or sad) (right or wrong) <3

I'm guessing you would want to know the driven force behind the title of my blog, "Falling in Love Again...The Rebirth of a Woman". If my mind serves me correctly, I was sitting at the computer one day - daydreaming about my future. I heard a voice. A real voice. It said, falling in love again, the rebirth of a woman. EUREKA! That will be the name of my book. It was that simple. And so, the journey begins.

My signature is CharmedByGrace. The name says it all.

I'll give you a little background about myself so you can get to know me a little better. My real name is Misty Dawne. Yes, thats Dawn with an e. My mother, Donna Lee, was feeling a bit creative. Hippie you ask? I'm not totally sure, but if she reads this, she may feel the need to explain it in a comment :)
I was born on May 15 at Kapiolani Womens and Childrens Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii. THATS RIGHT - blessed! I come from the most beautiful island chain in the world. (thats JMO)
I was born to Donna Lee and Joe Simons. How did we get to Hawaii you ask? My Great Grandparents came to Hawaii from Okinawa, Japan in 1915.
I'm going to skip all the inbetween for now or else I could end up writing a book. Although, I just want to throw in there that my Grandmother (Gaga) was attending Sunday School on December 14, 1941. The day Pearl Harbor was bombed. Interesting? I think so!
I have a sister, whom I would NOT trade for anything in the world. She is four years younger than me and her name is Malia. I'm going to with-hold her middle name because I am afraid of her. Very afraid. She gave me two beautiful neices - Kalea Belle and Lily Keana (named after my Gaga). She also gave me a wonderfully beautiful (step) neice named Micah.
That's it - no more siblings. (that I know of)
I will give you a quick rundown on my offspring. I have Shyanne, who has just turned 21 and married to Christopher and they live in Georgia - (AirForce) - waiting to serve in England by the first of the year. Next comes Nai'a - 14 going on *&%^$&%!! Then, there is Christian, my blue-eyed baby boy :) He is 13 years old and refuses to leave the islands. Can you blame him? I can't.
I'm also blessed enough to share my life with someone special. His name is Dave. I didn't think that Dave ever exsisted. But he does - and he is here with me. Thank you, Lord.

Well, it seems to me that I can't stop writing......which is really weird. So, I'm going to force myself to STOP here and continue cleaning the kitchen and putting away my groceries.

My next post will be on what and who gave me the inspiration to blog.

...I didn't know I had THIS much to say :)

Live, Love and Aloha! until next time~